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‘Ready for the Stars’ Michael Longley on the Paradiso exhibition

April 6, 1993

Michael Longley, poet in residence at Trinity College Dublin, opened Pamela Hardesty’s exhibition ‘Dante’s Paradiso’at the Pantheon Gallery, Dublin, 7 April 1993. The exhibition was part of Festa Italiana.

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One of the reasons great works of art survive, or, rather, persist, is because they are quarries for other works of art. A great work brims with possibilities for the artists who come after it. Think of the thousands of poems and pictures inspired over the centuries by Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. My own most recent collection of poems ended up as a belated lament for my parents. But my emotions had found no embodiment until I re-read in the Odyssey Homer’s account of Odysseus’ re-union with his failing father Laertes and, in Hades, with his dead mother Anticleia. Words many hundreds of years old illuminated my sorrow. (more…)

Paradiso exhibition catalogue 1993

January 1, 1993

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Pamela Hardesty:

Dante’s Paradiso, completed in 1321, is the third and final part of The Divine Comedy. The poem is a description of his journey through the many spheres of heaven towards the abode of God, and this journey serves as a long progress toward spiritual understanding.

My previous work in paper dealt with texture and landscape, and metaphor of a spiritual intent. In The Paradiso I found a challenging and masterful metaphor for spiritual realisation. I was attracted by the magnificent geometric structure which gave clarity to its beautiful imagery of affirmation and joy. I set about trying to give form to this imagery, hoping that the power of Dante’s vision would thereby reveal itself. (more…)