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‘Spirituality and Culture’ Speech given at Irish Interchurch Conference, Cork, 6 May 2005

May 6, 2005

I am truly very honoured to be invited to speak here today. I received the booklet of papers from your Working Party, and as a layperson, a parishioner, I have been inspired and heartened to know that this kind of shared dialogue is underway here in Ireland. I also wondered what I could contribute to such a thorough examination of spirituality and culture. I am just a maker, an artist. I express my insights through form, colour, material. But you have brought your gathering here to Cork to take part in our celebration as European City of Culture, and Cork’s theme for this honour is ‘The City of Making’. So I can contribute my personal path as a maker, in what I see as my vocation as an artist, how this path has nourished my faith, and how I have worked to bring my insights as an artist into projects in my local parish—- and how I can envision further alliances between the artistic, creative activity of our culture and the living Church. (more…)