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LOVE AND LIGHT—COMMISSIONED FOR THE ENTRANCE FOYER OF THE NEW FACILITY FOR INTELLECTUALLY DISABLED ADULTS IN CLONSILLA, DUBLIN, FOR THE DAUGHTERS OF CHARITY.  THIS WORK IS 150CM SQUARE X 5CM—ACRYLIC PIGMENT ON CANVAS; CUT AND RE-STITCHED AND GOLD LEAF ADDED.  This work reflects the caring ethos of this Facility, in the context of the Light and Love of Christ.  Each piece is wounded (cut) and repaired, and each fragment joined to each other in a community of support, bound with gold radiating from the Cross, and red radiating from the Heart—each is unique in colour as an individual, but all are joined in this radiating pattern.  Around all this the red and gold radiate the Love and Light into the surrounding community and the greater society.  This work has a centre cut-out and behind it, a golden centre floats in shadow.  The circle in the centre of the Cross references ancient early Christian and Celtic cross forms of this hinterland.  This work is robust and can be touched; the stitches create subtle raised textures for inquisitive fingers. . .



Generations 2003
400 x 125cm  glass, stone, wire, paper    Commissioned for the National Monuments Division  of The Heritage Service, Office of Public Works Regional Offices Mallow, Co. Cork

Generations (detail)
Detail of centre panels construction of grid-based wire structure holding glass and stone units.  Some units have paper transfer of text and map drawings from OPW archival documents.

Generations  (detail)
Detail of structural stone section referencing the earth, or matter–as the raw material from which the built heritage is brought into form.

Life Radiant 2004
800cm x 50cm
Stained, etched, and painted glass. Stainless steel and enameled wire : in four interconnecting sections
Biosciences Research Institute University College Cork Entrance foyer competition winning entry


Life Radiant (detail)
Detail of filigree structure in glass/wire as a celebration of the intricate, fragile cellular life systems connecting all activities in the BioSciences Institute.

Verbum 2006
Glass, wire, gold leaf, stainless steel rods. Top ‘sun’ ring: 140 cm diam x 5cm depth; Lower ‘page’: 160cm square
Commissioned by the Office of Public Works for the new Blackmills Museum, Roscrea, Tipperary, to float over the stairwell between levels.  This view shows light of skylight through etched glass units.  The units are etched with text from the Book of Dimma by permission of Trinity College.


View through entrance door of first floor mezzanine shows artwork appearing to float under skylight.  The highlight of this Museum is the 12th century high cross of St. Cronan.


Verbum  (detail)
Detail of ‘crown of thorns’ plaiting structure and rim of heat-marked and stained glass units.

Commissioned for New Oratory Carmelite Friary Kinsale 40 x 200 cm
Glass in three etched layers over painted panel inset flush with plaster wall.
Lower door section of stainless steel framing by Chris Samuels, Cork, to my design. Door opens into box inset into wall space for tabernacle function.
The motifs represent the Trinity: Movement from Father down to Son (as chalice form in door) overlaid by layered etched movement of Holy Spirit.

Tabernacle (detail)
Detail looking upward through glass layers

Path of Faith 2006
Font commissioned by Carmelite Friary, Kinsale, new Oratory
10cm x 300cm inset into plaster wall. Layered etched glass over painted panel. Oblique view.


Path of Faith (detail)
Detail of right-hand font area. This font was custom-made to my design by Chris Samuels, metal artist, in stainless steel.

Path of Faith (detail)
Detail of left-hand side showing flame patterns of confirmation.

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