Current work/new directions















One of two new works sent to Germany for the first stage of a European touring show, ASIA-EUROPE II (juried by Erny Piret, European and Asian textile artists).

This work is 100cm square, of glass and wire construction.  Some of the glass is stained; some painted and fired, some laminated with gold leaf.  The wire is all stainless steel or enamelled copper. . . .






Belief 2011 thread and acrylic on paper with gold leaf 100cm square on board





Exhibited in the Lavit Gallery, Cork, in spring, 2011.

I am enjoying the discovery of pigment, and the interesting interaction with fine stitches that allow bleeding through their punctures, and create stains and marks within their textural ground.  In Belief I have used traditional cross-stitches as small Crucifixion images, bleeding and needy–the believers lined up and gathered around the central main Cross, and within a fine gold leaf line of divinity.  However, they bring with them a thin lop-sided border of doubt, that is the grey pigment within the circle, and forming the surrounding border of unbelief.  In this grey area are all other forms of stitches and holes, in layers.  I sanded through many layers of paint to uncover colour and threads within.

central Cross opening to reveal gold leaf within

close detail of stitches and area of doubt within the inner circle

surrounding area of unbelief–layers of alternative stitch forms and holes

I am sampling other uses of stitch formats, other pigmentation.  This process is as labour-intensive as all my other constructions–but the gradual unfolding of the image feels satisfying and appropriate and prayerful.

Spring 2012:  A small work called Litany for a Europe/Asia exhibition in Lithuania:

Litany, 2012
Selected for Europe/Asia Fiber Artists show in Lithuania

detail of cut and bled names of Irish saints, nearly 700 of them, in chonological order from the base.


2 Responses to “Current work/new directions”

  1. Susan Says:

    Amazing work, what imagination and ingenuity.
    Are you exhibiting anything in the Cork area in the near future?

    • pamelahardesty Says:

      Thank you sincerely. . . I won’t be exhibiting for awhile locally—all my time taken up with a big commission!
      I appreciate your interest.

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