Contact & Visitors’ book

Thank you for visiting my website. I would welcome your comments below.

If you would like to contact me about any aspect of my work, please email me at

To discuss my lecturing and teaching work, please email me at


For details of upcoming exhibitions, please click here>

13 Responses to “Contact & Visitors’ book”

  1. Tom McGuire Says:

    Hi Pam! Long time no see hear speak! I see that you’ve carved out quite a niche for yourself! I gave Mary your e-mail address and suggested she send you a note to reconnect! It’s wonderful to see how happy and successful you are! Love, Tom

  2. Celeste Brady Says:

    So thrilled to be able to see your work at any given moment. The ether brings us a bit closer. I am sharing this with a couple of friends who are artists and will appreciate your talent.

    Love and light,

  3. eoghan Says:

    your work is so beautiful and delicate, really enjoyed browsing through it all Cheers

  4. Donna Says:

    I stumbled upon your website today and then sent it to a friend. I have now explored it. Beautiful, meaningful. My kind of work. Just thought you should know. Donna

  5. MacTheKnife Says:

    Read your article on today’s Irish Times and felt I had to say – well done, great representation of what KInsale has to offer.

  6. poldergeist Says:

    I enjoyed your article too – very well written, you capture Kinsale’s magical qualities! I am glad to find your site, I also think your artwork is stunning.

  7. Nora Finnegan Says:

    Hi Pamela,
    I have been trying to make contact with you from The Kenmare Lace Festival re a competition we are running next March for textile students with some great prizes.
    I need to send you attachments with the brief and info, but the email on your site does not seem to be working. How can I send them to you?
    Really interesting web site! To my shame I had not seen it before!
    Best Regards,

  8. Michael Garaway Says:

    Just checking by after our correspondence last year and hope all is going well with your work towards the Norwich Cathedral exhibition. Best wishes!

    • pamelahardesty Says:

      Hi Michael—many thanks for getting in touch. My work is progressing. . .I have 6 canvasses nearly done for the side walls like sentinels and the entire floor centred with fabric ‘floor slabs’ in dyes/pigments/gesso/digital print/stitch—inspired by the Cathedral floor slabs! This will be my memory-collage based on Horham and my Dad’s work there. I’m heading to Norwich in April with my architect husband to lay out test blocks on the floor to see which ones work best! Thanks for asking!

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