Artworks available for sale

All prices are negotiable, and include postage internationally.  My glass works travel very well.  Please email me at if you would like to discuss any of my works, or to arrange a commission.  Thank you!




GROUND OF THE SOUL 2014 paper, acrylic, gold leaf  25 cm square unframed  €100

from a series of works based on the writings of Meister Eckhardt, shown in a solo show called MAKING HOLY in the Gallery of Kaunas Art Academy of Vilnius University, Lithuania, in 2014.  Also China 2015.


LIGHT— 100cm square.  glass, wire, gold leaf €2,750 touring international show ASIA-EUROPE II: international textiles from Asia and Europe; 2014 Krefeld, Germany; Angers, France—2015 Kedainiai, Lithuania.


LIGHT WITHIN— 100cm square. glass, wire, gold leaf €2,750 touring international show ASIA-EUROPE II: international textiles from Asia and Europe; 2014 Krefeld, Germany; Angers, France—2015 Kedainiai, Lithuania.


BELIEF 2011 thread and acrylic on paper with gold leaf 100cm square on board  €1000.  Shown in Cork 2011; Dublin  2012(Christ Church Cathedral solo show:  MAKING HOLY).






GRACE 2010 20 X 14 X 12cm glass, wire, gold leaf  €350  exhibited:  Tokyo 2010; China 2012-2013


HEART OF IRELAND 2010 20 X 20 X 15cm glass, stone, wire, gold leaf  €350 shown in Slovakia 2010; Beijing 2012

large font full

FONT  2004  Glass, Wire.  €850  Forty Shades of Green touring show:  Ireland; Germany; USA; SOFA, Chicago, USA.  Solo show: MAKING HOLY 2012 Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.

5 Responses to “Artworks available for sale”

  1. Nancy Abrams Says:

    Pam, these are beautiful! What a special treat to see you on Saturday and meet your charming husband.

    I knew your work would be good; it is more than that: thoughtful, profound, lovely. I would love to see it in person. Maybe one of these days…

    I promise to stay in touch.

    • pamelahardesty Says:

      Hi Nancy–it was amazing to see you–totally unexpected! And I am so glad to reconnect–please email or try Facebook so that we can stay connected. . . .

  2. jayni wilson-sickler Says:

    Hi Pam,

    Your work has evolved so poignantly and beautifully!! What a delight to “stumble” across you again online. I’ve thought about you over the years and wondered if you’ve remained in Ireland. It looks as though you have and that you’ve flourished!

    So happy for you . . . Greetings and Blessings from a long-ago and faraway friend in the US (a Haywood companion!) ~ last known as jayni therkildsen (now jayni wilson-sickler) in New Mexico.

    • pamelahardesty Says:

      Hi Jayni—So nice to hear from you! Thank you for your comments and your blessings. . . . I am still here, struggling along teaching and making. . . .keep in touch! XX Pamela

  3. jayni wilson-sickler Says:

    Pamela . . . How nice to hear back from you! I’m not sure what search I was involved in when I saw your name pop up, but, it took me to your “Artworks available for sale” page, which inspired me to write to you immediately. Then, I realized that there is a vast website to explore! Later I browsed more deeply, and, I’m so impressed with your work, of course, but, also, your clarity of self-description. That’s always been a twin goal for me – to create and to express that creative process with precise language.

    “I am still here, struggling along teaching and making . . .” I can relate! I’m still here in the desolate beauty of New Mexico, being stirred by its sparseness to shape objects, and, to explore my inner rugged landscape. Not teaching, but, at the moment, struggling with finding a way to work through the arthritis that has developed in the base in my thumbs. The result of countless hours spent stitching and tying and knotting and twisting, no doubt!

    Lots of life-shifts have taken place in the past few years. Deaths and divorce – rites of passage that I’d love to grapple with through tangibility. I’m watching to see where it all takes me!

    It’s a delight to have reconnected. I look forward to staying in touch.

    Love ~ jayni

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